Food and Drinks!! YUM\  We all enjoy them. It is a natural way to enjoy any moment. But we forget the calories that are going inside us. This is realized by us only when the weight begins to creep up and attach itself to our body. And men is the one in the human race that is more prone to attaching Weight Loss around his stomach. At an average, men should stick to 2500 calories per day including all drinks. Generally, men believe that they have to loose Biggest weight loss only when it is necessary. They would only take action when their waistline goes out of line or someone comments on their body. They live in a confrontation that when there will arise the need, there are hundreds of ways available to shed fat without any fuss and botheration. In this article, we will be discussing the myths which men have regarding weight loss. Myth1- Starches makes you plumpy This is not true. Starches are carbohydrates that are the main source of ready-to-use fuel for our body. Especially in baked products like potatoes, it is easy to confuse high-carbohydrate foods with high-fat ones because the two ingredients often appear the same. We crave high-fat foods(crackers, croissants, baked potatoes or microwave popcorn) not the carbs. Myth2- Drastically cutting down the calories This is not really that we need to cut the calories drastically. If we make such a cut-down, the metabolic rate of our body gets slower and our body gets into a conversation mode. This mode of our body actually decreases the ability to lose weight. It is best to drop your total caloric intake only a little while adjusting the fuel mix to keep burning fat. Myth3- New Diet Plans If you start eating apples all day long for a week, it is sure that you will inevitably lose weight. But you cannot live on this diet for the rest of your life. This kind of diet is not realistic. The extra pounds start rolling in. Bring small changes in your eating habits but realistic ones to attain biggest loser weight loss. Myth4- Overeating leads to obesity It is false. Overeating does not lead to obesity. It is generally a hunger that leads us to overeat. Rather if you have emotional triggers, you will eat that is right. But the best way to foil a craving is to divert your mind. Myth5- Intensive workouts Exercises burn calories. At an average, you need a workout of three times a week of intense training to melt away extra pounds. Enjoy Yourself and Your biggest loser weight loss Journey. Avoid Myths and Stay healthy.  


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