The Final Touches , There are so many bridal accessories and wedding accessories available that they all need to be carefully chosen. Whether it is wedding cameras, bridesmaid gifts, groomsmen gifts, garters, tiaras, shoes or jewelry you are looking for, you need to make sure that they all fit in with the theme of your big day. It is also important that you carefully budget for these wedding accessories, as it is all these little extras, that bump up the cost of a wedding. Once you have selected your wedding dress, you can start to consider all the bridal accessories that will provide the finishing The¬†Final Touches to your overall look. The next important consideration after your dress is your shoes. Ideally, you will have already tried these on with your dress, and if you haven’t done so, you should plan to do so at your first dress fitting. The shape, height, and color of your shoes will make a difference in the way the dress sits. Consider also that you will be wearing your shoes all day and into the evening so comfort is as important as the look. If you are looking for high-heeled shoes, a great addition to your bridal accessories list is a shoe insert. These can provide comfort around the ball of your foot and toe area – as these are the areas where most of your weight will fall if wearing heeled shoes. Bridal underwear is also important, as this will affect the way the dress sits in the same way as your shoes will. Your next bridal accessory will be a tiara along with any hair clips or jewels. These should match any earrings or necklace that you choose for the big day and should pick up any detail from your dress. Once your bridal accessories have been selected you should focus your attention to any reception ideas, bridesmaid gifts and groomsmen gifts. Your bridesmaids should be integral to the planning and preparation of your big day and therefore they should be suitably thanked with a special bridesmaid gift. Equally, the groomsmen provide support to their main man and therefore should also be thanked with a special groomsmen gift. There are many options for this – your choice will depend on the age of the bridesmaid or groomsman as well as a personal choice. Of course, you will have professional photographs taken on the day, but there is nothing better than the natural photographs taken at reception when guests are more relaxed. Providing guests with wedding cameras is a great way of getting a selection of photos that are not so contrived as those taken by professionals. So to re-cap… remember to sort your bridal accessories first and foremost, then consider other wedding accessories such as wedding cameras and other reception ideas. Finally, don’t forget to thank your attendants by providing them with care.


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