Trade shows are always a great task to complete successfully; there are always some unpredicted troubles that you may be able to minimize.   Experience goes a long way and is worth its weight in gold in the Avoiding Trade Show Errors show industry.  Coordination is the key to having a successful trade show or event.  Here are some of the most common problems that can occur at trade shows. 1-Shipping your trade show display off-target can be a major hindrance your truck arrives too early or too late can get you penalized by show management, and this can be costly.   The show management will charge you extra drayage for this. If your load is not offloaded you have to now pay for storage and supplementary fees to the trucking company for holding your shipping load until show management is ready to offload your shipment on the proper target date and time. 2-One of the most common problem that can cost you a great deal is not having your electrical laid when you arrive to set up your Avoiding Trade Show Errors show exhibit.   Time is money and if you have a large exhibit booth that uses union service to set up, you will have to wait until your electrician lay the floor electrical.  Your set up crew gets paid by the hour, this is costing you a great deal and of course, the electricians have no responsibility to you or the labor. You are stuck having to wait and to pay for unused labor. That’s money for wasted time. 3-Misplaced shipment of items on the show floor can also be very costly. This is a lot more common than anyone thinks. Most of the time the cause for this is mislabeled exhibit components.  This can be a total disaster leaving you the exhibitor trying to figure out what to do about your trade show booth.   Having to find your trade show booth or lost crate can be frustrating and can be a nightmare.  You either have to have the freight department try to find your booth which can take hours if not days. If you mislabeled that particular item you will have to pay for the hours it takes to find your items. Things happen at trade shows but there is good news; these numbers can be minimized if not eliminated with an experienced exhibit coordinator or exhibit house.   There are unexpected items that can happen. Experience and proper coordination can make your next trade show problems much easier to handle.  A great solution can be to use a turnkey trade show display rental program certainly not all unexpected problems can be avoided, but having the experience to deal with the problem certainly can minimize the damage it can make.  


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