cleaning blankets
Blankets serve us during the winters and demand an overall cleaning at the end of the winters. There are a lot of reasons behind this. One of the main advantages of doing so is that at the end of the winter season, as the temperature starts to increase on the daily basis and days are quite warmer than nights, so its the best time to wash your blankets. All the water contents deep inside the fibers of the blanket will evaporate with the change of temperature. You can wait for the full summer season instead if you want to desiccate the blankets much faster than just at the end of the winters. Moving to another reason to clean blankets in summers, is the high temperature that not only fades away the water contents of the blanket but also kills the germs, bacteria and even some other allergens that are harmful to the human body. High temperature is the ultimate death of bacterial micro-organisms. Moreover, in winters it will be too difficult for users to wash blankets and use them immediately simultaneously because in winters it can take even weeks to dry the blankets completely. People often relate carpets or Rug Cleaning with that of blankets in terms of their drying time. No doubt, both take equal time to completely dry when they are placed under the sunlight in high temperature, but in case of blankets, we can not wait for days or weeks for their complete dry in winters as compared to carpets. We need dry blankets urgently in winters to get them in use again, on the other hand, carpets are not such things that should be dried immediately and be in use within hours. To avoid such situations, the end of the winters is the best season for blankets’ cleaning, so that for the next year we can keep them neat and clean in stores to easily re-use them. To add it to, it is not a healthy practice either to put the blankets back in stores without washing or dry cleaning at the end of the winters. All the bacteria and dreadful germs can penetrate deep inside the blankets’ fibers which can harm the users on re-use in the next season without cleaning. Maybe even if you are thinking to clean them just before the start of the winters, it is also against the medical and moral values.


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