1. Different Techniques to complete 80% lower

Owning and then building a AR 15 is quite a big deal.  Just to complete a AR 15 lower receiver the first point you must get awareness.  There are a lot of ways to complete this receiver and we are going to discuss a few here.

CNC Machine

The CNC machine gives you the comfort of automatic completion of 80 % lower receiver. This CNC machine is run by a complete computer numerical control system following two basic programs Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and Computer-Aided Design (CAD).

Each of these programs gives the highest-quality accuracy to finish the 80% lower receiver.

Before starting the work with the CNC machine you must be willing to program CAD first and you can do this with different CAD programs available online.

To work with the CNC machine the foremost rule is to have adequate knowledge of both programs and grip of the CNC machine.

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Milling Machine 

Milling machines are the complete automated option while other techniques need more manual work. It’s one of the most feasible options to finish the 80 lower receivers and is used for both wood and metal. The milling machine offers accuracy with multi-axis machining.

In the case of a CNC machine, proper awareness is quite an important factor to operate it while for milling machine the limited knowledge will not bother you. Just get the basic knowledge of it and yeah you are ready to use it. To be totally blank is not encouraging in its case too.


The router is a worthy alternative and is completely manual. It works on a rule of single shaft and can work for hard surfaces like wood or metal etc. different types of tools or parts can be connected with the router to increase the precision level and get your job done.

In the case of a router, the precautionary measures are important to take especially while using the cutting tools. Use eyewear to avoid any kind of mishap. Itis recommended using carbide bits with the router to avoid any kind of stickiness and melt as these are made of aluminum.

Drill Press

A drill press is a simplest too and operated on a pedestal style. It is positioned on a stand and easiest and simplest way to complete the 80% lower receiver. This compact tool has a shaft and chuck which move parallel.

Instead of automated techniques, this tool is manually operated and supports different settings to drill or mill. The drill press also has a lock to save the 80% lower receiver during the drilling process.

Here to discuss is you might be missing the precision level while working with a drill press. But drill press definitely offers a simple experience for beginners.

Electric Hand Drill

It one of the most popular DIY tools and is frequently used in household items. The electric hand drill is mostly used to drill holes in solid materials is fitted with the drilling attachment. It’s quite inexpensive and doesn’t require any high skill to operate it.

So, it’s good to complete the AR-15 lower receiver but before doing it you must make the right choice of finishing technique.

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