Introducing Samsung’s 55-inch HDTVs, As High definition TVs have grown to be more readily available- – quite a few would definitely state commoditized- – TV producers go to greater lengths to warrant stiffer price tags. It is always only good that the users find about HDTV reviews to know what are today’s Samsung’s LCD TVs that can be bought. The company may be the only one thus far to claim the whole lineup of edge-lit LED-based LCDs, which cost a mint yet offer probably the most modern technology and design you can find- – at least until OLED comes along. Each model among the three series of Samsung’s edge-lit LED-based LCD lineup measures just 1. 2 inches thick, thanks that LED lighting system, which is also responsible for the TVs’ fantastic energy efficiency. Today we shall only concentrate on the 55- inch models created by Samsung in these series. The Samsung UN55B7000 could possibly be the middle child when it comes to price and features of the three; yet, it includes buckets of add- ons, many of them interactive, in addition to extensive picture adjustments including a cool new tweakable dejudder mode. Unfortunately, we encountered some best home entertainment experience trade-offs caused by the LED system, namely less- than- perfect uniformity and off-angle viewing, together with the backlights’ rather distracting fluctuations. These issues keep the UNB7000 series from earning our highest accolades for performance, but when it comes to design and features, the over-priced televisions set a standard that will be tough to beat. It is also worthy to note that the UNB6000 series, which also produces a 55- inch Samsung UN55B6000, plus the UNB7000 series which is introduced above have many the exact same elements. Both series are edged in red and are measured just 1. 2 inches deep at its thickest point. The main distinction between the UNB6000 series along with the more- pricy UNB7000 models is its interactive capability. The B7000 models have Yahoo Widgets, built-in content, additionally, the capability to stream music, photos, and video from a networked PC. The B6000 models lack those extras, although they do feature Samsung’s InfoLink service, first seen on 2008 TVs. Last but not least, Samsung introduced these models “LED TVs, ” but it is critical to bear in mind they’re essentially otherwise normal liquid- crystal monitor TVs that use light-emitting diodes as opposed to the common fluorescent backlights.  


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