Your iPhone has been dropped and its touchscreen is broken? Or the iPhone is dropped to water or any battery problem? You are worry and searching for a repairman that can do cheap mobile phone repairs hurry with genuine parts and at a cheap rate? Do not go anywhere, we are here to solve your problem quickly with original components and at the best price. We are available at three different locations to the iPhone screen repair Amsterdam ( iphone scherm reparatie amsterdam ), you can find us at the city center and two more places where we are situated are in the south of Amsterdam. Moreover, we also provide services of pick-up and delivery for repairing your iPhone screen at any location in Amsterdam, you live.

You should visit us for repairing the iPhone screen or tablet. Our experienced team has become a well-knowledge community and available to you every time for your help with regard to smartphone and tablet repairs. Our team can work on many iPhone repairs, such as replacing the battery, screen repair, or placing a new dock connector. You can contact our technicians online to make an appointment at a scheduled time. I hope so, we will provide you an awesome service as you expect from us.

We will serve you a cup of coffee or tea. Be relax, take a seat and read a newspaper or magazine. There is a free Wi-Fi network to keep your work continue on the internet. Sit back and watch the work of our experts just for your satisfaction that how your device is repairing. If you are busy then you can go for shopping and work will be completed on your return.

Moreover, you can feel free to visit us anytime if there is any query or fault on your smartphone or tablet. Because Our professionals are not only skilled repairmen but have a piece of deep knowledge about smartphones and tablets. If you want a fast service, just rely on us. We will give you the best quality of work. In Amsterdam, our iPhone experts check each iPhone deeply, find the original fault and then start their work. Our team members are specialists in iPhone repairs and always fit original iPhone parts. This standard is not available everywhere. In some special situations, we offer the highest possible replacements.

Our best iPhone repair services in Amsterdam:

If you live in Amsterdam and your iPhone is not working good, but you don’t know the reason for it or in search of iPhone screen repair Amsterdam. Please find our customer service nearest to you. We are pleased to solve your problem. Or most common services about iPhone repairs are:

  • Repairing of LCD/ screen. That is mostly broken glass.
  • Repairing the battery that has been quickly drained.
  • If your iPhone is not charging (Dock connector repair)
  • We can do Water damage repairing
  • If your iPhone is hard to turn on and off (Lock button repair)
  • Replacement of home button

We can also provide repair services on other smartphones such as Samsung S7, Samsung S6, and the Sony Xperia Z5 and Samsung Galaxy S8 play in spite of repairing the Apple iPhone.

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