Identity After Fire is a devastating and unplanned incident, and some personal belongings may be irreplaceable if you have no safe security services. Birth Certificates, Laptops, and data could be destroyed, and proof of valuables could be eliminated, making insurance claims hard to prove. Proving your identity is easiest when birth certificates can be used to obtain passports, identification, and access to banking and credit card accounts in a short amount. What will you do if they are destroyed in a fire? Because identity theft is such a worldwide problem, with bank and credit card theft, drug dealer and terrorist activity, it can be hard to prove your own identity and your families, if a fire destroys proof that you are who you claim, and you do not have documentation to back it up. It used to be if you knew certain personal identification information and numbers, you could get replacement identification. Now though due to terrorist activity across the world, it can take days, weeks and even months to replace the information, to gain access to your own money and replace credit cards, if all documentation and currency are destroyed in a fire. All this just because you were not protected with your own personal safe security services. If you own a business and keep your records at home, it can double the agony of proving identity, rebuilding personal documents and trying to rebuild and prove business ownership and try to rebuild necessary business documentation, if you had no safe security services. There are many in-home and business personal safes available, with varying degrees of security from fire. Normally UL rated by the amount of time the interior of the safe stays at 350 degrees in an external temperature fire of 1700 degrees or more. Personal in-home safes and business safes have become more sophisticated to offer more protection. A fire can be devastating enough, but imagine the peace of mind knowing that your safe was superior rated for fire protection. That your identity, currency and important documents are still safe inside while everything else may have been destroyed. Safes are also rated by the amount of currency that they hold and increasing security and safety measures built to increase as currency levels increase. Therefore it is possible to maintain the security of your important identity documents and emergency currency with the installation of a personal safe that is secure and can bring you peace of mind in the event your home is destroyed by fire. Safes can be installed into concrete floors, and since fire will not destroy concrete, it also offers added insulation from heat for your valuables. Many safes are also made to protect Laptop computers and you may store all of your personal insurance value information onto the computer. The best way to keep your valuables safe is by installing a personal safe. A fire can be very devastating, but wouldn’t it be nice to know that your identity and that emergency cash is safe and ready to help you rebuild your life until the insurance money comes.


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