Traveling with Your Pets, Growing up you always wanted a pet. Most of the time you didn’t care if it was a puppy, dolphin or goat, you just wanted something to love. However, regardless of how much you begged and whined, you could never get your parents to cave and get you your dream pet. Now that you can buy yourself to Traveling with Your Pets you want, you are having a hard time choosing what kind of pet would draw the most attention lounging around your home.  Well, for your convenience, I’ve made a list of some of the pets that, while they might look great napping on your couch, would not be the best to cuddle up with.
  1. Lions, Tigers and… You know the Rest
While bear cubs may seem cute and cuddly and people have raised bears for years, your neighbors probably wouldn’t appreciate Big Baloo roaming your backyard with only a barbed wire fence to protect their children. Traveling with Your Pets, Big cats such as lions, tigers, panthers, jaguars, and cheetahs, while also beautiful and quite cuddly-looking should also be kept out of the reach of any wandering children or passing strangers. It would probably also be good for your health if you stayed away from them yourself. When you choose to live with these wild and ferocious animals, pet food may take on a whole new, very undesirable meaning.
  1. Reptiles
Many small reptiles, such as small lizards, geckos, etc., are fine to keep as pets; however, larger, more dangerous reptiles are probably best left in the wilderness. While this should be fairly self-explanatory, having an alligator, boa constrictor or poisonous snake is just begging for trouble if you ask me.  Since you didn’t ask me though, you should also know that not only are these animals dangerous to you and your family, but you can get a pretty hefty fine if animal control finds out you are harboring one of these “creatures”.
  1. Chimpanzees and other Monkeys
Haven’t you had enough of the monkey business while taking care of your own kids? Adding more monkeys can only create more mess.  Yes, they are adorable and nearly every child dreams of owning a pet chimpanzee when he or she grows up, but Chimpanzees have been known to bite both animal and human if provoked.  It is best to just leave these guys where they belong, in the wild.
  1. Buffalo, Camels, etc.
While buffalo, camels and even llamas seem like mild-mannered animals, they all have the power to trample and kill an average-sized human male.  If you choose to keep these animals as pets, you should keep them penned up away from the home, with plenty of room to roam and run. This goes for any animal that is not normally kept as a pet and, though mild-mannered, would probably thrive in the unfenced, wide-open terrain.
  1. Large Lizards
While large lizards are technically in the reptile category, they may seem like a better idea than a snake or alligator. This is not the case.  There have been incidents of large lizards attacking their owners and causing severe damage or death. If you do insist on keeping a large monitor or similar species of lizard, be sure you know how to properly take care of it.  Yet, once again, it is best to leave these guys in the wild, where they belong. Other animals that would be better left in their natural habitat are turtles (because of the salmonella they carry), raccoons, spiders, and other insects.  


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