It seems that dogs know when their owners want to take Perfect Picture of them, they’re either really willing to let people take photos of them and will pose for several in a row or they’ll do everything they can to get out of them. So if you’re the pup’s not really in the photo mood then here are a few hints and tips that will help you get the best shots even when he’s not willing to co-operate. o    Treats – this is more of a bribe than a trick but it definitely works. Hover a treat over their nose and they’ll sit for as long as you tell them to. Make sure you give them a few first though so they know that you really do have them and you will give them away – dogs aren’t stupid when it comes to food. If you know your dos will stay where you tell it to if they think they’ll get a treat then try holding the treat on top of the camera when you’re taking the Perfect Picture so that he’s always looking directly into the lens. o    Tricks – there will be certain things that your dog just can’t resist, whether it involves eating the cat’s food, running outside whenever they get the chance or eating dog food from the bag. If you know that your furry friend can’t say no to the cat’s dinner then put it in the middle of the kitchen floor or just place the huge bag of dry dog food there instead and take some pictures of the mischief. o    Simplicity – if you want the focus of your photo to be your dog then you need to make sure that the background is simple. Whether your photograph your dog in front of a blank wall, a colorful rug or throw really doesn’t matter just make sure it’s one of them and the picture will definitely be one to treasure. o    Smile – dogs really do smile; take him for a quick run around your garden with one of his favorite toys and then quickly back inside, sit him down and take a photo. If you still have their favorite toy in hand than they’ll be looking up at you with a big panting grin. o    Secrecy – taking photos of your dog when they don’t know you’re taking them can produce some of the best. You need to follow your dog around and grab some great shots. If you think you’re going to distract them then use the zoom on your camera so you can get some brilliant pictures without getting in their way.


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