Are you one of the millions who are just beginning to be conscious about your Weight Loss? If you’ve decided it is time to get rid of those excess pounds, there’s something that you should keep in mind: weight loss is different for each individual. You may follow a diet plan created by someone else who had great success in losing unwanted pounds, but you may not get the same results. There are several factors that determine our weight. Obesity can be caused by more than just overeating, although the foods we eat, as well as the quantity of food we consume, do play a significant role in determining our weight. Other factors can include genetics, lifestyle and certain medical disorders. It’s even possible for an individual to have more than one of these factors working against them, so the battle to reduce weight becomes an ever more difficult task. Since everyone has their own unique situation, such as health issues, eating habits and activity level, it is important for us as individuals to tailor a weight loss plan which suits our own life perfectly. A fully customized weight loss will allow you to incorporate just the things you need, and allow for easy modifications as events and situations in your life change. Some diets require you to eat certain foods in order for them to be moderately successful. This is all well and good, but what if you have an allergy or aversion for that particular food? Well, then its back to the books to find another diet which better fits your palate. A plan which requires you to eat foods you don’t like will not work, as you will tire of eating the things you dislike. The first step in creating your individualized plan is to make a list of the foods you like. List them all, even if they are not considered as good choices for a diet plan, we will sort that out later. Now that you have your list, break it down into healthy and non-healthy foods. The foods you like which are healthy will be your mainstays. Now, look at the foods you like which are not so healthy. Can you change them so that they are healthier for you? As an example, if you like spaghetti and meat sauce, think of a way that you can make it a healthier choice. You could go with whole wheat pasta, and substitute the canned or jar sauce with crushed tomatoes, garlic, and basil. Tofu makes an excellent meat substitute and can reduce the amount of fat in your dish. A quick search online can give you several ways to make your favorite foods healthier. Don’t be afraid to try new, healthier foods. The next phase of creating your ultimate diet plan is to increase your physical activity. Yes, that is another way of saying you must exercise. Depending on your current health condition, you may not be able to do certain exercises, and this is one area where individualized weight loss plans really give you plenty of choices. If you can join a local gym, that would be great. If you can’t join the gym, then grab a few of your favorite music DVDs and create your own workout. A few lightweights would be nice but are not mandatory. Every exercise routine should begin with a warm-up, and a good round of stretches works like a charm. Be realistic with yourself, and start off slowly, then work yourself up in duration and intensity. One key area most people forget about when losing weight is motivation. We all need a word of encouragement every once in a while, and sometimes that one word can make all the difference. If you do not have anyone locally you can partner up with as a weight loss partner, you can join online forums and find plenty of support. You will end up sticking much closer to your plan and can come away with lots of extra hints and tips which may make all the difference in your success.  


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