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Our kitchens are like the souls of our houses. The way we design and maintain them tells our guests a lot about the people we are. When it comes to designing our kitchen, there are many natural stones to choose from. Natural stones have the advantage of being durable, long-lasting, and also come in a wide variety of colours and patterns. One of the best looking natural stones is a marble. Marble countertops have been the staple in kitchens for many years now. However, due to their high-cost, people have shied away from them. Another reason why customers have traditionally stayed away from marble is that it requires regular maintenance. Marble is prone to etching and staining if acidic liquids spill on it. It can now be prevented and stopped by sealing your marble countertops. Some places offer you top quality marble kitchen worktops at cut-throat prices. Hence if there was ever a time to get a marble worktop, it is right now. Here are some reasons why you should choose marble worktops for your kitchen.

Quartz gives your kitchen a unique appearance.

Marble has always been a symbol of elegance. It has been used in monuments all over the world because of its beauty and uniqueness. Not only does it look fantastic, but you can also get a variety of appearances for your countertops. It is because no two marble countertops look the same. The tones of one piece of marble can vary from another one. Hence it is a unique natural stone to have in your kitchen.

Marble can be used to light up a room.

Marble has its natural brightness that appears to brighten up a room. If you have a kitchen that does not get a lot of natural sunlight, then a marble kitchen worktop would do an excellent job for you. Having a marble worktop not only makes your room brighter, but it also gives your kitchen a bigger and more spacious feeling.

Marble Kitchen Worktops are very durable.

An advantage of a marble worktop is that it does not get scratched easily. Other worktops made of wood or laminate might be a little more susceptible to scratches, but marble is in a different league. If you take good care of your worktop and give it the tender loving attention it deserves, then it will reward you back in the long term. Although these worktops take a little bit more maintenance than granite worktops, it still is an excellent choice due to its toughness. You don’t need to worry about getting a chopping board to cut up your vegetables because marble will take care of that for you.

Natural Stones like Marble are Heat Resistant

Certain worktop materials force you to think twice before putting down a hot pan after taking it straight from the fire. Marble is not one of those. This natural stone is entirely heat resistant, giving you all the freedom you need while cooking. Marble is one of the best choices when it comes to heat-resistant materials. It is a significant advantage to have, especially if you love to cook and bake.

Easy to Maintain

As we mentioned earlier, marble is prone to staining and etching if acidic liquids spill on it. However, by sealing your marble kitchen worktops, this staining can be prevented. Sealing your worktop is a way of covering the pores of the surface of the stone. It prevents liquids that spill from being absorbed too quickly. You will still need to get rid of the stain immediately to ensure minimal damage. Please visit for bespoke interior design.


While marble might not be as famous in modern houses as granite, it is still a very trendy kitchen countertop material. Its subtlety is perfect for people who want their kitchens to have an elegant and inviting feel. The most popular type of marble is known as White Carrara. It has been used in sculptures, such as those done by Michelangelo.


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